How to Maintain the Health of Your Hair During a Sew in

1.Shampoo Condition and Trim Before the Sew in

The most simple things in life are usually the most important. By simply starting your sew in off on a good foot will lead to it great results. Starting your sew in off with a clean, conditioned and properly trimmed head of hair is half the battle of keeping it that way. Be sure to shampoo, condition and trim those beautiful locks of hair before applying a sew in.

It may also be a good idea to indulge in a deep condition and possibly a protein treatment per recommendation of your hair stylist.. A protein treatment with help hair to stay healthy underneath by preventing a large percentage of shedding and breakage during your sew in. It is normal for your hair to shed a little but a protein treatment will keep the shedding a breaking to a minimum.

Dont be afraid of the shears. Ironically your hair must be regularly trimmed for maximum growth and length retention. This is very important especially if you are looking for hair growth during your sew in. Some people are under the illusion that if hair is damaged or breaking that simply putting a protective style in such as braids or sew ins will help it grow. This is a myth. What goes in must come out. Unhealthy hair goes in, unhealthy hair comes out. It will be even more unhealthy because the hair will more than likely further split and become even more dry and brittle. So before you install your sew in be sure that the ends of your hair are in optimum condition.

2. Regular Salon Maintenance

It is important to have regular salon maintenance. You may discuss with your stylist how often you should visit. I recommend at least every two weeks. If you are very active and sweat alot, or a client with a natural leave out I would suggest weekly salon visits. As an active women you probably sweat alot. Sweat contains salts that get trapped in your hair. They can be damaging and should be shampooed regularly. Especially if you are a natural client, sweat can ruin and revert your straightened tresses to an unblending mess. Instead of excessive flat ironing to tame your tresses, visit the salon where they can be properly straightened with less heat damage.

You may be a client who never has any problem with your sew in. It may look fabulous from the day you put it in until the day you take it out. Kudos to you and your stylist for doing such a great job. However, even if your sew in looks great on the outside you cannot neglect your natural hair underneath. It is especially important if you have any of your natural hair left out. Hair that is left out is usually more prone to breakage and heat damage. It requires special attention and regular shampooing and conditioning. Unless you are a stylist and or have experience with sew ins, it is best to let your hair stylist tackle this job

If you absolutely must perform your own maintenance you need to invest in a couple applicator tip bottles. Use one for shampoo and the other for conditioner. This makes it easier to reach your natural hair underneath the sew in. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. You will also want to apply a leave in conditioner to the braids. You can use either a spray bottle or an applicator bottle. Before blow drying and flat ironing the natural hair that is left out apply a light leave in and heat protectants. It is also very important to let the braids underneath thoroughly dry. You dont want to be left with a mildew smell. NOT SEXY lol! Sitting under a hooded dryer for at least an hour should do the trick. GOOD LUCK!

3. Daily Maintenance

There are some things you must do at home in between your salon visits. The most important thing you can do to keep it looking fantastic is a very simple task. Use a silk or satin scarf to tie down your hair then place a satin bonnet on top of that to maintain your hair extensions. You must tie your hair up nightly before bed and during vigorous activity such as working out and also during showers and hot baths. (Dont remove scarf until you have cooled down and hair is completely dry). During showers and baths be sure to place a heavy durable shower cap on top of your scarf and bonnet to prevent steam from ruining your beautiful hairstyle .

Take it easy on the flat iron. Excessive flat ironing can cause damage and breakage. Luckily regularly tying your hair up with a scarf will aid in keeping it smooth and less likely to need the flat iron.

Apply a light moisturizer to your leave out and a leave in conditioner spray to the braids underneath daily or at least every other day. Please get suggestion and or purchase from your stylist. This will help your hair stay moisturized and hydrated between your weekly or bi weekly salon visits.

4. Timely Removal

This step is a very crucial one. Just because a sew in can last 3-5 months doesn’t mean you should to keep it in that long. You will have excessive shedding, tangling, matting, breakage, and possible hair loss. I have seen the best results with clients who have kept their sew ins for a period of 4-8 weeks.

By following these four important rules you will get the best results and benefits. Thanks for reading! Have a Great Hair Day!

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